Book Clubs

Book Club Discussion Questions

  1.  What would you do if you faced Lauren’s decisions:
    • to have the abortion?
    • to fight to keep Hannah or return her immediately to the birthmother?
    • to give up on the idea of a family? 
  2. Are you open to adopting kids?  Now that you know what’s involved and the perils adopting parents face, would you consider it?
  3. Do you feel that raising a special needs child is beyond your abilities?  Do you consider Lauren to be brave for acknowledging her concerns or weak for giving into them?
  4. Would you be willing to divulge experiences similar to Lauren’s or would you prefer to keep them secret?
  5. Do you believe your friends or family would share with you if they suffered through similar experiences?
  6. How much does your upbringing/family influence your views on the issues discussed in the book?
  7. How do you feel about Mack’s devotion to work?  Do you feel that he should have been more available or were his priorities appropriate?
  8. Do you believe that politics is really the sausage process Lauren describes? Are some laws inherently bad if they’re passed as a part of “horse trading?”
  9. The author’s teenage children (ages 14 and 16) have not yet read the book, though they know of the content.  At what age would you want your child to read the book?