Hello and welcome!

Welcome to my site!  My blog will cover a wide range of issues about parenting, motherhood, and the challenges of being an author.  Today, though, I just want to introduce myself.  I am Lauren Weiss…well, actually, I am Julie Weinberg but called myself Lauren Weiss in the book (I changed all the names in the book–and will stick with the pseudonyms here for everyone else–to protect the innocent). I am a very happy stay at home mom with two teenagers–a 16 year old boy named David and 14 year old girl named Skylar (or she may be changing her hand-picked name to Rylie; she hasn’t quite decided yet. But for today it’s Skylar).

Anyway, Mack and I divorced about five years ago and he got remarried to a wonderful woman and they have two boys ages 2&3.  We’re still very close– so close that our kids tell people we’re a family of seven–three adults raising four kids.  We even occasionally vacation together! But more on that in future blogs.

All the major events in the book really did happen to Mack and I on our journey to parenthood.  Because I needed a cathartic outlet, I started writing in a journal and it morphed into a book that eventually took a life of its own.  I’m very happy to have published it and hope you will or have enjoyed it!

Over the course of the coming weeks I will write more about what it’s like to be a parent of teenage kids when you feel like a teenager yourself, how I’m adjusting to my new author status, how to make divorce work for everyone, and basically anything else that I think someone  might find amusing or interesting.  I invite your comments and hope you enjoy my blog 🙂