It’s available everywhere!

The book is FINALLY available everywhere in print and as an ebook!  It seemed to take forever and one has to jump through a ridiculous number of hoops to do it but now it’s done.  Yay!  It’s a pretty amazing feeling seeing your book for sale on Amazon and then having it arrive in your mailbox, but downloading it to the iphone…well, that just seemed the most permanent of all! Maybe it will even protect me from flushing my phone (for the fourth time in as many years)!

I did the first review on Barnes and Noble.  Was that cheating? 🙂  I would have given it six stars but surprisingly that wasn’t  an option.

Honestly if you’re reading this and you want to help me out with some marketing, please post a (raving) review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  I recently went to a private book club signing and the women said that in general they never even look at books that don’t get at least four stars.  So as long as my five star review is the only one ever posted I’ll be safe, but just in case it would probably be good for a few non-anonymous reviewers to say it’s worth a read.

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