I’m heading into the home stretch of my summer vacation.  I stayed with my folks for a night and over the next couple of days I will enjoy the pools of two f Vegas hotels (Venetian and MGM).  All of this traveling tuckers a girl out! I’m so looking forward to just veg-ing next to a pool…

So I take the elevator to the pool level and a big thermometer let’s me know that the 2:00 pm temp in sunny Las Vegas by the Venetian pool is 115.  Awesome!  Nice and hot, perfect lounging weather…except there’s no place to lounge.  There are no umbrellas or shade trees.  I don’t mean none are available; I mean they don’t exist.

But I can rent a cabana for $250.  Ah.  It’s all clear to me now.

I’m thinking I’ll have to wait until tonight then to relax by the pool.  My momma didn’t raise a fool, just a pale skinned, burns-not-tans kinda girl.  And if I’m gonna part with $250, it’s going to be betting my lucky numbers (25, 16, 31) on roulette!

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