Random Thoughts…

So…mother’s intuition or did I jinx him?? David did manage to get a black eye at soccer last night.  Obviously not a big deal nor a trip changing event, but…I’m just saying. 

Kids leave for a two-week European vacation tomorrow.  I’m so excited for them!  And so sad for me lol.  It’s hard being away from them for just a weekend!  Two weeks will seem like a loooooong time. I’m keeping myself busy while they’re gone but I’ll still be missing them constantly.

Which raises the question…how exactly do you send a kid off to college?  David is a rising senior.  One more year and he’s “all grown up.”  Forget about time flying by.  I feel like I’m living in an episode of I DREAM OF JEANNIE where she blinks her eyes and he’s a man.  Especially since I’m quite sure I’ve remained in my early 30s throughout HIS aging process…

I’m leaving town tomorrow for Orlando myself. I’m looking forward to it.  We still own a condo/hotel down there that we rarely use.  BTW “condo/hotel” is Swahili for “lose a fucking ton of money and never be able to sell because you’re so upside down.” It’s a great three bedroom/two bath unit with a balcony that you can watch the Epcot fireworks from.  So if you’re interested in renting it just let me know!

Happy Tuesday!




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