Airport Anxiety Syndrome…or ASS as my Kids Like to Call It

I suffer from ASS (Airport Anxiety Syndrome…ok, not quite the correct acronym but my teenagers came up with it so what do you expect). No, I’m not afraid to fly in the slightest. I just get to the airport several hours (or, if you ask my kids, several DAYS) before a flight.

I’ve decided there are different kinds of travelers in the world. Mack gets to the airport with .0005 nanoseconds to spare. Commercials of businessmen running down corridors with computer bags flailing were inspired by him.

Me, I like to get to the airport, say, two to three hours ahead of time. I want to get through security with enough time to pee, have a meal, shop, get my taxes done, and pee again. Then, after all of that, if I still have an hour or two to spare, I’m good with that.

This drives my kids crazy. Somehow I know there’s a happy medium between Mack’s way of doing things and mine, but ASS prevents me from considering it. Speaking of which, my plane to Orlando leaves in six hours. I’d best be going.

One thought on “Airport Anxiety Syndrome…or ASS as my Kids Like to Call It

  1. Of course, alcohol consumption has been noted as a cure for ASS, though it may add another pee cycle or two to the equation. Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight to Orlando.

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