Daytona Beach

I love the beach.  I love watching the ocean, feeling the sun on my (very white, always burning) skin, drinking some Bacardi and people watching.  How long must that guy work out every day to look like that?  Are those two fighting or just totally bored with each other? Do you think someone smashed all the mirrors in that woman’s house? Eish…

Who sits beside me on the beach definitely influences the overall experience. To the right was a family with nine-month old Katie, who was visiting the beach for the first time.  They were lovely people, but the day was definitely challenging for them. Between the sand on her skin, sweating from the heat and the scariness of the ocean, Katie wasn’t having any of it and spent most of the day trying to crawl back up inside her mom.

It brought back memories of David and Skylar’s first experiences.  David spent the whole time walking on his tiptoes and picking individual grains of sand off of his body.  Skylar, on the other hand, thought sand was tasty and just kept picking it up and eating it by the handful. I’m always amazed at how differently they respond to the exact same experience.  Keeps it interesting!

Today I’m going to a waterpark.  More of the same as the beach, just louder and without the Bacardi.  Can’t wait!

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